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Smarter version of ventilation system for home

For comfort living, people need fresh air. Good ventilation decreases the CO2 level, prevents mold formation and humidity level. We have refined ventilation system and created smarter version of air recuperators line for home, which knows when and how to ventilate a room and is fully controlled by a homeowner. This device works 24/7 and cares about fresh air in your house. By decreasing a noise level, it works very quiet caring even about light sleepers.

Clear and understandable interface helps homeowner always to be aware of actions that SmartStream Pro 2 takes, to indicate it’s status and to set desired mode of ventilation.


PСB Design, Firmware development, Web Application, Mobile Application, UX design, UI Design, CAD Design

Devoted time

8 weeks
SmartStream Pro SmartStream Pro SmartStream Pro SmartStream Pro

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